CareLine24 Complete

The Flagship of our services.

It includes all of our services in a package that pays and gives additional carefree to relatives that their loved ones are very well-treated.
Users receive daily 3-5 calls from specially trained staff of Careline 24 who will undertake to:

  • Talk to the user in a friendly and approachable way and ask if they are well

  • Remind the user about taking pills/doctor appointments (after receiving an update from caregivers)

  • Give some advice (eg if it's cold not to go out or put something hot etc)  

  • Reassure the user if he feels that he has elevated anxiety levels (5-10 minutes call)

Additionally, carers are informed.
Call costs included

Careline 24 Monitored-care 6 Months Contract


Careline 24


Monthly Fee